Visit the Society and support this ALL VOLUNTEER institution.

There are hundreds if not thousands of old photographs related to East Point's History at the Society. We also have yearbooks for all classes of Russell, Briarwood and others. Plenty of exhibits and actual historic items from all eras. We have volumes of research materials and the experts on East Point History to help you do your research. It is free to the public. Due to the fact that offering photos and gallery's on line has not improved our visitor numbers at the society, we have decided that our samples collection should be viewed on site with the rest of the collection rather than online.

Remember, it's free, donations are accepted and appreciated. The East Point Historical Society is a private organization, not owned or ran by the City of East Point. All staff members are unpaid volunteers working to keep your history alive, often times paying out of their own pockets to keep the collection available with very little help and no donations coming in. Please support your Historical Society and when you visit, please consider making a much needed donation.