March 2013 Quarterly Membership Meeting - Three New Board Members

We extend an appreciative thank you to Mr. Adville B. Montgomery for his wonderfully informative talk on the evolution of railroads and the role of the various lines in the development and growth of the South. The push for common carriers to bring goods over the land and rivers, brought about a system of independently-owned rail lines that linked the cities and small towns together and opened new transportation corridors.  Ultimately, lines merged and it was interesting to hear the wealth of the related stories from his long career working in the railroad industry.

Congratulations to Julie Morgan, Teresa Harrison and Perry Bennett, our three new Board Members as approved by the general membership in attendance.  We look forward to absorbing their talents and abilities to help EPHS grow in 2013.  We would also like to thank Kassandra Ware for her very hard work and support over the past two years as well as Archie Polk for his work this past year.  We will miss them and hope they will continue to visit and support EPHS.