Big News!

Link to find out more about this event and sign-up:

Some background on the Historic Society Complex

Last July, our Treasurer, Brenda Tackett, was sifting through more of the many piles of papers and photos we’re still re-processing as we continue to digitize the collection. (Many thanks to Ken Whitehead for leading this thankless task.)

Brenda uncovered a very detailed Landscape Master Plan technical drawing of the Historic Society Complex produced for the City of East Point in 1987. WOW!! 

Could we pick up where the City left off in the development of this property?

Move forward to a few weeks ago when a new Frog Hollow neighbor, Kimberly Fulton, put Trees Atlanta in touch with us.

We met with them as soon as we could!
D. Lynn Bray, Conley Hills/landscaper, and Holly Keyes, Frog Hollow/EPHS shared the 1987 Master Plan with James Moy, Trees Atlanta. Using the landscape designs, we mapped out the next phase of landscaping for the complex along with a wish list of trees.

The results of that meeting will be the beginning of a great new chapter at the Historic Complex as we begin to plant a community garden. This is the panting plan Trees Atlanta put together:

The catch?? We need you! And a whole lotta people from throughout our community to make this green initiative take off! Trees Atlanta is going to come and plant 35+ trees on the property! And that’s just the beginning of what we hope will become a huge community garden of various edible plantings. Come out Saturday, February 1st, and help us plant some lasting roots as we establish this Community Garden! Early birds get coffee and donuts!