Please join us
February 22, 2020
1st montly clean-up day
at the

East Point Historic Complex

Please join us for this first clean-up day at the Historic Complex.
We have many volunteers projects coming up as we clean-up the grounds and the house and prepare for spring. Help us and take part in reclaiming this public space and creating some legacy gardens on the Complex for future generations to enjoy.

We have such a great jewel in the rough in this House and grounds. The potential is there. We need to take the reins and make this a space for everyone to enjoy. We need to get this Museum and Grounds permanently placed on the list of places to visit in East Point.

Please come help us. This Complex belongs to the Community. Let's make this happen together.

Here are some of the tasks
set up for this Saturday...

cut back the holly bushes around the house, the myrtles hanging over the roof and the plantings at the entry gate on Norman Berry.