EPHS - The Founding Years 1978-1980

East Point Historical Society
Board Meeting Minutes and
Regular Membership Meeting Excerpts
1978 - 1980

Minutes of Meeting
December 7, 1978
Mrs. Ora Jean Gunnin presided at a group meeting of 15 East Point citizens interested in forming an East Point Historical Society. Four additional persons called and expressed interest.

There was much discussion about what could be done and what direction this group could take as a historical society. One major interest was in preserving and possibly acquiring the old Church Street Elementary School.

J. T. Goen Jr. moved that the group fo on record as making the preservation and acquisition of Church Street School a major project, and that we notify the Fulton County Board of Education of our interest and intent.

Motion seconded by Miss Earlene Dowda. Motion carried. 
It was agreed that Mrs. Gunnin would send a letter to the Fulton County Board of Education outlining our position.

Sunday, January 28, 1979 at 3 PM was set as the time for an organizational meeting of the East Point Historical Society.

Notices of this meeting will be placed in church bulletins of all East Point Churches.  Also announcements will be made in all civic club meetings prior to the announced date.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

J. T. Goen Jr.
2/4/79 approved


Minutes of Meeting
February 4, 1979

Mrs. Ora Jean Gunnin presided at the second meeting of a group attemptin to organize an East Point Historical Society. There were approximately 46 interested people present.

The minutes of the meeting of December 7, 1978 were read and approved.

A letter to the Fulton County Board of Education regarding our interest in securing and preserving the Church Street School, was read and Mrs. Gunnin stated that the Board had received our request.

A slide presentation of preserved and restored projects around the state was made by Miss Lyn Waskiewicz, Preservaion Coordinator, Historic Preservation Section of the State Department of Natural Resourses.  This presentation was most enjoyable and informative.

Mr. Frank Marshall, president of the College Park Historical Society and member Mr. Wayne Moore, were recognized and expressed interest in helping us form our own historical society.

It was suggested that a hat be passed for money to be use (sic) for small expenses during our organizing period. The hat was passed and $40.85 was collected.

People were asked to volunteer for committees with the following results: State and Federal Grants: Doris Cox, Andy McCoy, and Roderick McDuffie, Publicity and Membership: Hazel Purdie, Louise Pierce, Jackie Cooper, Anne Larcom, Mr. and Mrs. Minor, Earline Dowda, and Francis Starrett. Nominations: Judy McConnell, Mrs. R. E. Yarbrough, Mrs. Harman and Andy McCoy. Constitution and By Laws: W. H. Cooper, W. L. Harrison, J. T. Goen Jr. and Roderick and Christine McDuffie.

All committees were to report at our next meeting.

It was agreed that our next meeting would be March 11, in the East Point Woman’ Clubhourse at 3:00 P.M.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectufully submitted,

J. T. Goen Jr.
March 11, 1979 approved


East Point Historical Society

Mrs. Ora Jean Gunnin, Chairwoman, called the meeting to order and introduced visitors and new members.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Letters from the Fulton Couty Board of Education and John Cast, purchasing agent, regard our interest in preserving Church St. School were read. It seemed their position wass, that they were legally bound to sell the property to the highest bidder.

R.E. Brown suggested the possibility of using the building as a college, or extension of Ga State or Clayton Jr. College.

Other suggestions were to interest a church school in occupying the building, or that it could be used for some senior citizens project.

Bill Cooper, Chairman of the By-Laws Committee read the proposed By-Laws. After some discussion about how many time a year we should meet, Bill Cooper moved that the society meet 6 times a year at 3PM on the 4 Sunday. The motion was seconded and carried. After some discussion about family dues, a motion ws made and seconded that family dues by $15.00 per year and would included all children dring college years. The motion was carried. Bill Cooper then moved that the By-Laws as read and amended be adopted. The motion carried.

Mrs Judy McConnell, Chairwoman of the Nominating Committee, read the following nominations:
President - Roderick McDuffie
Vice-Preesident – Ora Jean Gunnin
Secretary – Christine Baldwin
Treasurer – Toby Harrison
There being no nominations from the floor, a motion was made and seconded to elect the nominees. Motion carried.

Ora Jean Gunnin introduced the noted author and historian Mr. Franklin M. Garrett who gave us a most inspiring talk about the beginning of the Atlanta Historical Society.

President McDuffie expressed his appreciation for being elected President and pledged his efforts to make this society a asset to the City and Community. He asked all those present to help him in achieving this goal.

President McDuffie appointed a committee of R.E. Brown, Olin Gunnin, and J.T. Goen Jr. to meet with representatives of the Fulton County Board of Education to inspect the Church St. School and report back to the Society.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

J.T. Goen, Jr.
Approved 5/27/79


East Point Historical Society
May 27, 1979

President McDuffie called the meeting to order and the minutes of the meeting of March 1, 1979 were read and approved.

Treasurer Harrison reported a balance of $170.60 when the meeting started, but now has approximately $260.00 on hand.

Mrs. Judy McConnell, Chairwoman of the Nominating Committee, read the nomination of Simpson Kidd as Asst. Treas. There were no other nominations and Mr. Kidd was elected Asst. Treasure. The Committee stated that more time was needed to nominate the Trustees.

Olen Gunnin reported on the possibility of getting some city park property to be used by the society. After some discussion, it was agreed that members would meet there on Sunday, June 10 to inspect the building.

Committee members Goen and Gunnin reported on the inspection of the Church School Property which found the building in need of much repair and replacement of windows and floors.

Mrs. Peck was introduced and she stated that she had an old diary kept by one of her family during the war between states. 

J. T. Goen, Jr. made a motion that Mr. Minor be appointed the Official Photographer of the Society, and make copies of old pictures for our records. Seconded by Miss Earline Dowda, and carried.

President McDuffie stated that he wanted all committees to have reports at the next meeting.

A logo or design for use of the Society was presented for the approval of the members. It was drawn by B. H. Orr, who had won the prize for the state bi-centennial design showing important events in the stte of Georgia.

Olen Gunnin reported that he had learned that the old Fire Engine purchased by the city about 1911, had been given to the American Legion, who had sold it to an Atlanta fireman, whose name is unknown.

President McDuffie appointed a committee of Bill Nolan, James Fowler, and Olen Gunnin to see what can be learned of it’s present whereabouts.

Ora Jean Gunnin moved that we adopt the logo for the Society.
Motion Seconded by Miss Earline Dowda. Carried.

The next meeting will be held July 22, 1079 at 3 p.M. in the Womans’ Clubhouse.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned

J.T. Goen, Jr., Acting Secretary
Approved 7/22/79


East Point Historical Society
July 22, 1979

The East Point Historical Society held its regular meeting on July 22, 1979, at 3 :00 P.M. at the East Point Womans Club, with Mr. R. M. McDuffie, Pres., presiding. The invocation was given by Olen Gunnin.

Treasurer Toby Harrison gave the following report:
$ 40.95 - Received from “Hat Passing” at earlier meetings
$608.75 - Dues Paid  
$649.70 - Total Receipts 
$  98.60 - Expenditures
$551.10 - Balance on hand

A total of 89 members was reported.

The minutes of the May 27 meeting were read by Acting Secretary J.t. Goen, Jr., and approved as read.

President McDuffie called for reports from all committees, and the following reports were given:

Olen Gunnin reported that the Center Park Recreation Building, which the Historical Society had been looking into the possibility of acquiring for use as a meeting place, had burned. He said that it was not known whether the building was insured.  He also stated that because of the location of the building, it had not been determined whether it would be suitable; however, discussion was planned with the City Council on July 30, regarding the re-building of this club house, or the possibility of acquiring one of the other recreation centers. Pres. McDuffie appointed a committee to meet with the Council on July 30, consisting of Bill Cooper, Dr. Lanier Jones and J.T. Goen, Jr.

Mr. David Minor reported that quite a number of old pictures had been collected and were available for viewing at the meeting. He also requested anyone who had old pictures to bring them to the next meeting. 

James Fowler, Committee Chairman, reported that the committee had met on July 17. Much work had been done to determine the age of many sites in the community, among which were:

- Railroad marker – Railroad Station
- East Point Methodist Church and Conley Cemetery
- Two buildings (2-story) on Main Street, built around 1900
- Medical Supply House–D. G. Jones–(Whiteway and Main) oldest bldg.
- J.A. and J.M. Smith Wholesale Grocery (Washington and Main)
- Slave Hut behind Carmichael Home o Kimmeridge Drive
- White Hickory Wagon Works
- Cold Spring Cue Club (1905 – 1907)
- Harris Street School and; Church Street School (both built around 1916)
- Blunt Buggy and Carriage Works
- Masonic Lodge Hall (1921)
- Old Breast Works (now Geo Sparks property on Conley Drive)
- Sam Ramsey Property on Linwood
- Conley Mill Dam and footings for mill

According to the Telephone Directory, the following businesses ere operated in East Point from 1907 – 1917:
- Furman Fertilizer Company
- Piedmont Cotton Mills
- Gate City Cotton Mills
- Atlanta Utility Works
- Marion Harper Cotton Oil Company
- Atlanta Tent and Awning Co.
- International Agriculture Corporation

Committee Chairman Fowler stated that the Publicity Committee was being requested to ask the local newspapers to publish information requesting anyone who had knowledge of any old or historical sites in East Point to contact the Historical Society.


Committee Chairman Owen Bell reported that he had talked on the telephone and in person with many old families living in East Point since 1860, and prior thereto. The following families had been identified: 
Grant, Cohen, Hornsby, sanders, Henderson, Conley, Payne, Webster, Yarbrough, Morris, Bacon, Powell, Walker, Avery, Shell, Thompson, Nelson and Ratteerree.

Also, information has been secured concerning the names of persons owning original Land Lots, dating as far back as 1822., and a map of East Point, showing location of these Land Lots. This information will be available for viewing at the East Point Historical Society.

Committee Chairman Earlene Dowda reported that she had drawn up a membership application form and presented it to the Letter Craft shop for printing. Mrs. Nelda Byers of Letter Craft, donated the printing of the forms and also became a member of the Society. The Membership Committee has contacted each person who attended at least on of the three first planning meetings, concerning joining the Society.

None of the six persons originally appointed on this committee were present; also, none were present at the last meeting. President McDuffie appointed the following persons to be added to this committee:
- George Oliver
- Phil Lauria
- Wayne Moore
- R.M. McDuffie

The president stated that membership cards had been donated by Moncrief Printing Co., and these were distributed by Treasurer Toby Harrison to all paid member.

A supply of Charter Membership Certificates, which had been ppaid for by the Society, were available. A motion was made by Mrs. David Minor to charge $5.00 for these certificates for members. Motion was seconded and carried. 

A motion was made by Mr. J.T. Goen, Jr. to extend Charter Membership deadline date from June 30, 1979 to November 25, 1979. The motion was seconded and carried.

Committee Chairman, Olen Gunnin reported that he had contacted a member of the old East Point History Commission, and that he would have the name of the East Point Historical Society reserved no later than July 25, 1979.

Committee Chairman J.T. goen, Jr. reported that he had contacted the South Side Sun. and they had agreed to publish information concerning the historical Society. Notice will be given to the newspaper concerning future meetings. 

Ora Jean Gunnin stated that there are some grants available to the Society.  

The By-Laws Committee submitted copies of the up-dated By-Laws. Ora Jean Gunnin read these to the group. A motion was made by Greg Pilewicz that Article VIII, Section 4, be changed to read “Twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum at regular or duly-called special meeting”. The motion was seconded by James Fowler, and carried.

Miss Earlene Dowda made a motion athat the up-dated By-Laws. Woth the change state above, be adopted. Seconded by Mr. J.T. Goen and carried.

New members were recognized by President McDuffie.

Mrs. Bessie Yarbrough, member of the Nominating Committee, reported that five Directors had been nominated as follows:
1.  Owen Bell
2.  Mrs. Simpson Kidd
3.  B. H. Orr
4.  Mrs. Eunice Berry
5.  Mrs. Elizabeth Leverette

The Nominating Committee was requested to present nomination of a Corresponding Secretary at the next meeting, whose duties would be to handle all correspondence for the Society and to act as Recording Secretary in the absence of the Recording Secretary.

President McDuffie thanked the By-Laws Committee for their work in up-dating the By-Laws.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held September 23, 1979,  at 3:00 PM at the Woman’s Club, with Rev. Henley Campbell as guest speaker.

Christine Baldwin, Secretary
Approved 9/23/79


East Point Historical Society
Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen
Meeting Minutes
August 30, 1979

(Hand written)
A call meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen was held in the basement of the City Hall Annex, president R.M. McDuffie in charge.

The purpose of the meeting was to look over the facilities to determine whether they would be suitable for future quarters of the East Point Historical Society.

It was voted by those present at the meeting that a recommendation would be presented to the membership at the next regular meeting that this property be accepted from the City of East Point as future quarters for the Historical Society.

Christine Baldwin
Recording Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Regular Meeting
September 23, 1979
The East Point Historical Society held its regular meeting September 23, 1979, at 3:00 p.m., 9th the East Point Womans club. President R. M. McDuffie opened the meeting by welcoming all members and guests. The invocation was given by Mr. Douglas H Purdie.

The minutes of the July 22nd meeting were read by the Secretary. A change of name from "Farmers Fertilizer Co." to "Furman Fertilizer Co." was made in the report from the Historical Sites Committee, and the minutes were approved.

President McDuffie expressed thanks to Mr. B.H. Orr for the display board which he had made and presented to the Society.

Mr. J. T. Goen, Jr. reported that a call meeting of the Board of Directors and the Committee Chairmen was held in the basement of the Post Office Building (Corner of Thompson and Main Sts.) and on August 30, for the purpose of looking over the rooms to determine whether they would be suitable for future quarters for the Historical Society. He stated that since the meeting, a group of men, consisting of R.M. McDuffie, Toby Harrison, B.H. Orr, James Fowler, Owen Bell and J.T. Goen, Jr., had met to make improvements in the property. Rugs had been shampooed, floor and walls had been cleaned and other improvements made.

President McDuffie stated that it had been voted by those present at the August 30 call meeting that a recommendation would be presented to the membership at the next regular meeting that this property be accepted as future quarters for the Historical Society. Ora Jean Gunnin made a motion that these quarters be accepted. It was seconded and carried. 

It was decided that the next meeting, which would be on November 25. 1979, should be changed to one week later, Dec 2. This meeting will be held in the mew quarters in the Old ost Office Buiding, and an Open House-Tea will be given as a joint Christmas party for the Society and in celebration of our new quarters. All members were invited to attend and to bring guests who might be interested in the Historical Society.

President McDuffie introduced the guest speaker for the day, Rev. Henley Campbell, Pastor of Antioch Methodist Church. Rev. Campbell graduated from Russell High School in 1928; attended Georgia Tech, and later, in 1964, attended Emory University. He possesses a vast knowledge of the history of Atlanta, East Point and Fulton County, including old Campbell and Milton counties. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors for Old Campbell County Historical Society in Fairburn, Ga., and he offered man helpful suggestions to our Society, among which were the following:

1.  Get young people interested in the society
2.  Sponsor an issue of Georgia Life Magazine
3.  Publish a yearly commentary
4.  Place constant emphasis on increasing membership
5.  Have an annual day celebration, i.e., Homecoming, a picnic, or other means of getting people together.

President McDuffie, after thanking our guest speaker, recognized all persons who were attending their first meeting of the Historical Society. 4 persons were recognized.

A meeting of the Board of directors will be called in the near future to plan for the December Open House.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Christine Baldwin, Recording Secretary
Approved Jan 27, 1980


East Point Historical Society
Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen
Meeting Minutes
November 6, 1979

Call meeting of Bd of Directors and Committee Chairmen – Nov 6, 7:30pm- in quarters in City Hall Annex.

Pres R. M. McDuffie in charge.
Invocation given by J.T. Goen.
Purpose of meeting – to plan for the Open House Tea, to be given on Dec. 2.
Committees were appointed as follows:
Display Committee: B.H. Orr, J.T. Goen and David G. Minor
Food: Ora Jean Gunnin, Christine McDuffie. Mar. David G. Minor
Decorating: Elsie Harris
Publicity: Mrs. Charles McConnell
Cups and Napkins: Toby Harrison
Taking Pictures: Andy McCoy
Invitations: Christine Baldwin, Ora Jean Gunnin, Carolyn Cook

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East Point Historical Society
Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen
Meeting Minutes
Dec 2, 1979

In lieu of the regular meeting of the East Point Historical Society scheduled on November 24, 1979, an Open House-Tea was held at the new quarters in the basement of the City Hall Annex, Sunday December 2, 1979.

Much work was done by members of the Society to get the mew quarters cleaned and decorated for the occasion. Also, many hours were spent in preparing and displaying pictures, news items, and other mementos of the early history of East Point.

Approximately 250 people attended the celebration, and everyone enjoyed seeing the mew quarters, meeting old friends and reminiscing on “the good old days”.

Delicious refreshments were prepared and served by the ladies of the Society and by members of the East Point Womans Club.

Christine Baldwin
Recording Secretary
Approved 1/27/1980



East Point Historical Society
Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen
Meeting Minutes
January 8, 1980

The Executive Committee of the Historical Society of East Point met Tuesday, January 8 7:30 PM at their headquarters. President Roderick McDuffie presided. There was discussion concerning the need to index the pictures and other articles. it was decided to ask Hazel Purdie to set this up.

A recommendation was made that we stay open one day during the week and on Sunday afternoons between 3-5 pm. This to be presented to full membership for approval and if we can get volunteers to fill a schedule.

Total Charter memberships of 130 announced by treasurer Toby Harrison – Balance in treasury $597.68.

Motion made by J.T. Goen ad seconded that we pay Mr. Minor for groups of pictures he has made. Motion carried. 

Marion Hemperly will speak at our January meeting.

JT. Goen presented plans of groups of items we should be working on.

It was announced that Earline Dowda was in hospital. Executive Board urged to send cards to her and money taken up for gift to be sent to her.

Ora Jean Gunnin (hand written)
Acting Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Regular Meeting
Excerpts from Meeting Minutes
January 27, 1980

“President McDuffie stated that a call meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen was held Jan. 8, 1980. A resolution was made at this meeting to keep the headquarters office open to the public from 3:00 to 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday of each week. The President also stated that we will begin indexing of pictures within the near future. Mrs. Hazel Purdie will be in charge of this project and will ask for volunteers to assist her.”

“President McDuffie announced that two pieces of very old equipment had been received for display and requested others to bring any equipment or other old pieces of interest which they might have and would be willing to let it be used by the Society.”

“CITY CONTACT: Mr. J.T. Goen said that his committee had made contact with the City for the use of the space now occupied by the Historical Society.”

“HISTORICAL SITES: James Fowler reported that he had checked into the old Bethel Primitive Baptist Church off Washington Road, on Stone Road, and that Mr. Eugene Clay could be contacted for the history of the church.”

“INCORPORATION COMMITTEE; Olen Gunnin reported that the Historical Society had been chartered and the required information had been filed with Internal Revenue for tax exempt status.”

“President McDuffie appointed Mrs. Marion Hemperley to head a committee to secure church histories. She will be assisted by Mr.s Bernie Thompson Peck.”

“Mr. Wayne Moore said that he would run down the history of  old East Point Episcopal Church on Ware Avenue.”


East Point Historical Society
Regular Meeting
Excerpts from Meeting Minutes
March 23, 1980

“Balance on hand 3/23/80 -- $431.68”

“President McDuffie asked for volunteers to meet with Miss Hazel Purdie on Sunday, March 31. at 3:00 p.m., to receive instructions for indexing pictures and other materials for display. Several persons volunteered their services for this project. Mr. McDuffie stated that all necessary materials had been obtained to do this work. He also asked that members bring any old pictures they might have, and stated that a duplicate will be made of any pictures of interest, if the owner did not wish to donate the original to the Society.”

“Mr. Tom Brayton, employee of the East Point Post Office, was introduced by Pres. McDuffie. Mr. Brayton brought, and presented to the Society on behalf of the East Point Post Office, pictures and historical records concerning the post office, employees, etc.”

“Ora jean Gunnin stated that she had entered the Historical Society as a project of the East Point Womans Club in Community improvement, and that the Womans Club received Honorable Mention in the Clean Cities – Keep America Clean Day on Saturday, April 26, 1980.”


East Point Historical Society
Board Meeting – Meeting Notes
March 30, 1980

These are not minutes – just notes – no quarum- Frances Starret

R.M. McDuffie. President
Ora Jean Gunnin, Vice President
Frances Starrett, Secretary
J.T. Goen 
Hazel Purdie and hew group of volunteers were at meeting place to start Index File System so anyone could come in during the week to file and be assured that material indexed and filed properly. Cynthia White, East Point Librarian, assisted Ms. Purdie. Several others assisted.

Recommendations and discussion:

Ora Jean Gunnin recommended that J.T. Goen be named Executive Director, East Point Historical Society, to assist the Executive Board. His duties will be to coordinate all activities between the officers, committee chairmen and members ad to make historical evaluation of material received, appointment to be made yearly.

J.T. Goen suggested that a Director be put with two or three committees to see that committees function properly.

President McDuffie to call Mr. Vanderslice, City Manager, re insurance coverage for property occupied by Historical Society – if we are not covered, insurance should be obtained (personal injury, fire amd theft).

Pres. McDuffie advised that Toby Harrison was not at the meeting due to Elsie being in South Fulton.

President McDuffie, Toby Harrison, J.T. Goen and Olen Gunnin to meet and refile charter for tax free donations (This has to be refiled each year with the proposed budget included.) (J.T. suggested that date be on charter)

President McDuffie asked that Secretary type up new officers ad directors for 1980.

Also to type up Tentative List of Committees listing Director who will coordinate activities of committees. 

Delete – “Incorporation Committee” – work completed
Add – Telephone Committee – Amelia Harmon as Chairman

Frances Starrett, Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes
April 15, 1980

President McDuffie presided at meeting. At this time McDuffie, with suggestions and recommendations of all Board Members, appointed new Committees for 1980. List is attached.

Ora Jean Gunnin, Vice President, made motion that Mr. J.T. Goen be named Executive Director of the East Point Historical Society to assist the Executive Board. His duties will e to coordinate all activities between the officers, committee chairmen and members, and to make historical evaluation of material received by the Historical Society. Term of office to be for one year and elected at the same time other officers are elected. Mr. W.L. Harrison moved that motion be accepted; seconded by Mr. Owen Bell.

There was discussion about Society’s participation in “Pride in East Point” Parade May 3 in connection with “Keep America Beautiful Week”. It was suggested that Historical Society be manned and open for those interested to visit premises. It was also suggested that we participate in parade with an antique car and have B.H. Orr make appropriate sign for publicity.

President McDuffie also said he hopes the Society can get together for a trip to the Atlanta Historical Society and lunch at Swan House.

President McDuffie announce that Hon. Verlyn Moore would e speaker at our My meeting.

Those present at meeting were: Carolyn Cook, B.H. Orr, W.L. Harrison, J.T. Goen, Jr., Ora Jean Gunnin, Owen Bell, Elizabeth Leverette, Eunice Thompson, Judy McConnell, Roderick McDuffie and Frances Starret

Frances Starrett
Recording Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Executive Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes
May 19, 1980

Meeting called to order by President Roderick McDuffie.

President McDuffie reminded members that we still need volunteers to give one afternoon’s service during the week to help with indexing and any other assistance to Indexing Committee; also need volunteers for Sunday afternoons to man Historical Society quarters so that visitors can come b to view historical data.

Mr. Boland, Dir. Community Development, City of East Point, spoke and showed posters of plans for future development of East Point Business district. He stated that his primary reason for being present was to set aside a local Historic District. Recently he had personnel from state make survey of East Point for potential National Historic sites and the only site found to be of significant value was the slave house on Kimmeridge. He stated that City Council would have to establish Historic District Commission to define and map district defining boundaries an create bylaws for such areas (this would be similar to zoning laws). Mr. Boland will order pamphlets that could possible help us with this project and will meet with us at a later date.

Exec. Dir. J.T. Goen advised that he thinks it would be a good idea to pursue Historical District through Council of East Point and State ad Federal governments in order that we may preserve significant historical sites.

V.P. Ora Jean Gunnin asked Mr. Boland: Do you think we should form a committee at this time? Mr. Boland: Let me get back with you after receiving pamphlets. At the same time, he will try to get someone from State to talk with us. He stated that Georgia Legislature passed Georgia Historical Preservation Act last year during session.

Telephone Committee assigned names to be called – list attached.

Ora Jean announced July meeting. She proposes a visit to Atlanta Historical Society as it is open on Sunday afternoons. Group to meet at East Point Woman’s Club and carpool to Atlanta.

J.T. Goen: Has duplicated application blanks and will have these available at May meeting; has also developed work sheets for projects planned for the Society.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison volunteered to work Sunday afternoon after the regular meeting in May so that people can visit, identify pictures and sites. Cards will be available to identify pictures (people, dates, etc.) this will be at Historical Society Headquarters

Meeting adjoured by President McDuffie.

Those in attendance: Roderick McDuffie, Ora Jean Gunnin, J.T. Goen, Frances Starrett, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Harrison, Owen Bell, Hazel Purdie, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson Kidd, Mr. Boland, Mr. Phil Lauria

Frances Starrett
Recording Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Regular Meeting
Excerpts from Meeting Minutes
May 25, 1980

“Mr Goen made motion that we purchase fifty chairs for the Society: seconded by Miss Earlene Dowda; motion passed. President McDuffie authorized Mr. Toby Harrison, Treasurer, to buy chairs at the most reasonable price available.”

“President Roderick McDuffie introduced guest speaker – The Honorable Virlyn Moore, President of Woodrow Wilson Law School.

Honorable Moore gave resume of Atlanta Historical Society which was organized in 1925. The Society has accumulated property and money which he said had been given generously.

He stated that the primary reason for a historical society is to record written and oral history, to store papers, books, pictures, Civil War artifacts and other permanent historical facts. “Much of the material housed at Atlanta Society covers Atlanta and its environs after the war between the states. About thirty garden clubs in the Atlanta area maintain gardens on Society Grounds as a special project for their clubs. The Tullie Smith House and Swan House are examples of architecture, artifacts and furnishings of the periods represented. Mr. Moore has made a study of the origin of county names – 159 Georgia counties. Many of these are named for naval or army heroes; others for prominent men – doctors, lawyers, inventors and politician.” ”


East Point Historical Society
Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes
September 11, 1980

Meeting called to order by Ora Jean Gunnin, Vice President, with prayer by J.T. Goen.

Minutes of last Board Meeting (May 19, 1980) read by Frances Starrett.

Treasurer’s Report given by W.L. Harrison - $319.07 in bank and a check for $12.50 not deposited as yet.

Ora Jean advised that program for September 28th meeting would be presented by Cynthia White, Librarian for City of East Point Library. She will give a history of East Point. Meeting to be held at East Point United Methodist Church Chapel.

Mr. Goen recommended that we have Open House Christmas Tea December 7: also have regular meeting November 23rd.

Toby Harrison recommended that we make $15.00 donation to East Point United Methodist Church for their generous use of the Chapel.

New Business:
Bulletin Board at First Georgia Bank should be moved to another location since it has been in that location for about three months. It was suggested that it be moved to south Fulton Hospital (with their authorization).

Toby Harrison to send letter to those who have not paid 1980 dues.

J.T. Goen advised that Tom Boland is now Director of Development Authority and has given to the Historical Society a copy of the final report “Redevelopment and Traffic Circulation Plan for the East Point Central Business District.”

J.T. advised that we need someone to be caretaker of annuals from Russel high (someone suggested Owen Bell). We still need 1932, 33, 39, 40, 41, 46, 47, 49, 50 51.

J.T. also advised that an old book of plaques has been found and B.H. Orr has bound. Suburban Reporters are now bound (this done by J.T. and B.H. Orr.)

Mr. Goen also advised the following:
According to Hazel Purdie cataloging and indexing are coming along fine but we need to continue with indexing.

Beginning October 1, we will have open house each Sunday afternoon.

Still trying to get more information about early businesses:
       Southern Saw Works
       Atlanta Utility Co.
       Dixie Culvert
       East Point Tile Co.
       Terra Cotta Works
       Upchurch Co.
       Ploy Boy (Agricultural newspaper)
       Furman Fertilizer

Need to buy some more paint.

Ora Jean announced that club had been invited to Open House for Hapeville Railroad Station House, 2 P.M. Sept. 21, 1980.

Those present: Ora Jean Gunnin, J.T. Goen, W.L. Harrison, B.H. Orr, Eunice Berry Thompson, Frances Starrett, Roderick McDuffie (came in late)

Frances Starrett, Secretary


East Point Historical Society
Board Meeting – Meeting Minutes
November 13, 1980

Called by J.T. Goen advised that Mrs. Charles D. Center would be speaker for our November 23 meeting. Moved to East Point when she was three years old. Jackie Cooper will get publicity of meeting to local papers.

Mr. Toby Harrison, Treasurer, advised that we have 114 paid members and 54 not paid (on record last year). He also advised that we have a total of $496.97 in the treasury as of this date. Toby talked to Mr. Robt. S. Nash, Taylor Publishing Co. Mr. Taylor is interested in trying to get the East Point Historical Society interested in publishing historical material. They will work with groups/organizations to help get material organized. Mr. Nash would like to appear at a later date to present talk and slides to members.

Mr. Goen said that we have collected additional Russel High Annuals and several more old pictures. Pictures will be posted for viewing at club quarters November 23 (regular meeting).

Mr. Goen advised that we would have Open house Tea December 7 at 3 p.m. This is first Sunday in December.

Elizabeth Leverette presented Historical Society with East Point roster of 1898 residents. This is a valuable document.


East Point Historical Society
Regular Meeting
Excerpts from Meeting Minutes
November 23, 1980

“Mr. Goen stated that we are trying to establish location of old Noah Hornsby home. B.H. Orr has drawn sketch of the old log cabin. This old home served as a halfway house between East Point and Newnan.”

“Society is trying to locate a picture of old Conley Mill Pond and mill.”

“Mr. Sam Thompson wrote history of East Point dated 1933-34. We have copy of this.”

“Ora Jean Gunnin advised that Olen Gunnin has finally gotten the IRS to give us permission (authority) for Society to be tax exempt organization.

“Mr. Bob Nash was introduced to group. Mr. Nash advised that he represents Taylor Publishing Co. and that he and Taylor Pubkshing Co. would like to publish a book on history of East Point, Ga. with East Point Historical Society sponsoring same. The history book would be hardbound 8 x 11-1/2 containing pictorial matter. The book would be put together within one year to fourteen months after beginning. Price would be approximately $14.00 per book with approximately $4.00 profit to club. He hopes to get contract within one month. Mr. Nash stated that he would work with us from beginning the book to its completion. He then showed slides depicting American scenes.”