Excerpts from Council Meeting Minutes re EPHS 1963-1972

May 20, 1963 (14) 
“Stated there has been some discussion with the East Point Woman’s Club that possibly they could move to a new location within the City since their building has burned at the Church Street address. Motion as recommendation of the Building and Grounds Committee, that if suitable City property can be found, that a swap be made with Woman’s Club on their present property; carried.”

June 17, 1963 (70) 
“Parks Committee recommends that City offer to East Point Woman’s Club a building site at the corner of Headland Drive and Kimmeridge Drive to relocate burned Woman’s Club building, until the City has further need for this property.”

August 5, 1963 (3) 
“Letter from Mrs. Samuel Cannon, President – East Point Woman’s Club:
‘I take great pleasure on informing you that the membership of the East Point  Womans’ Club voted overwhelmingly on July 30, 1963 to accept the City’s offer of a new site for our clubhouse building, at the corner of Kimmeridge Drive and Headland Drive. We would certainly like you to know how grateful our membership is for the City’s generous offer. In our new clubhouse, we will have much more floor space, ample off-street parking and other innumerable advantages. 

We feel that all citizens of our City will be appreciative when your plans to make additional parking space for the Library on the old clubhouse site become a reality. 

We hope to break ground for our new building in the near future. After completion of our clubhouse, we shall, as before, dedicate it as a civic, cultural and recreational center for our town. We also plan a reception to honor our patrons, without whom it would have been difficult to embark on such a project.

Please allow me again to express the appreciation of our members to you for your cooperation and assistance, and especially to Mr. H. B. Watson who has given so generously of his time. In examining our history, it is most obvious and gratifying to note that the East Point Woman’s Club has had, since its inception in 1910, the cooperation and support of our City officials in furthering our civic goals. With God’s help, we will strive to be always as asset to our City, State and Nation.’

Mayor referred to the Legal Department for the necessary lease to be drawn for the new Woman’s Club property under the same conditions as the old property on Church Street; that it revert to the City if no longer used by the Woman’s Club.”

September 15, 1970 (82) 
“Mayor Brown presented the matter of employing Mrs. Rebecca Dodd on a part-time temporary basis for a twelvemonth period to compile a history of the City of East Point. Mrs. Dodd is a student at Georgia State University but is a professional in such a study as this. She will work under a grant and the cost will be $100.00 every two weeks to be shared by both the Georgia Municipal Association and the City of East Point. Mr. Ponder made Motion that Mayor Brown be given permission to employ Mrs. Dodd to compile the history of the City of East Point as above outlined. Seconded by Mr. Walls and carried.”

History 1971
November 22, 1971 (7) 
“Mayor Brown stated that various civic groups have contributed approximately $7,350.00 to the City to finish the History of East Point and Mr. Archer, Attorney, has recommended that in order to remove any liability from City while someone is working on the history, the City should have a Temporary Historian position. Mr. White made Motion that Mrs. Rebecca Dodd be employed on temporary basis for a period not to exceed 12 months, to work on the History of East Point, and the funds contributed by civic groups be used to pay her salary and no other funds of the City be used for the purpose of paying her salary; carried.”

December 6, 1971 (28) 
“Concerning Item 7 of November 22, 1971 minutes, Mr. White made Motion that Mrs. Dodd be paid $750.00 per month as City Historian; seconded by Mr. Pirkle and carried. Mr. Bannister voting NO.”

February 21, 1972 (4)
“Mr. Leonard C. Daniel appeared on behalf of the History Commission of East Point requesting the City of East Point to go 50-50 on defraying the cost of completing the History of East Point. The amount to the City would be approximately $10,000.00 to carry up to the publishing position. Mrs. Rebecca Dodd, Historian, spoke concerning this history and the thesis she completed on history from 1821 – 1930. 

Now research is being done from 1930 to present and she hopes that the entire history will be published and sold to libraries all over the nation. Mr. Gunnin made Motion that the request of the History Commission in Item 4 of these minutes, be referred to the Finance Committee; seconded by Mr. Walters and carried.”

March 6, 1972 (3) 
“Mr. L. C. Daniels of History Commission was present, again, concerning their request for City to match funds to the extent of $10,000.00 in order to complete the History of East Point, Mr. Bannister made Motion that this request be referred to the Budget and placed in it for July 1, 1972; seconded by Mr. Gunnin and carried.”

(4) “Mr. White made Motion to refer to the Legal Department to make sure of the copyright provision of the City of East Point will be protected on History of East Point; seconded by Mr. Bannister and carried.”

July 17, 1972 (3) 
“Mayor Brown read a proclamation honoring Leonard C. Daniel for his interest and help in various civic duties and, more especially, for helping in the history compilation of East Point.” Newspapers 1972

to be continued...